About Me

  • Full Name:Theresa "Cobra" Diez
  • Phone:+1 727 475-0284
  • Email:tdiez@gmail.com
  • Website:theresadiez.online
  • Address:Safety Harbor, FL 34695 USA

Hello There!

My name is Theresa Diez. I am a sophomore at the Osceola Fundanmental school and I currently am the pitcher there. This is my page. Look what I've been up to.


  • High School

    Osceola Fundamental High School - 2022 - Present

    Currently, attending Osceola as their lead pitcher. Class of 2025.

  • High School

    Countryside High School - 2021 - 2022

    Start playing softball my Freshman year of High School.

My Specialities


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Interested in Me!

Please contact me if you are interested in seeing me play!

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